Saturday, August 23, 2014


A wonderful Tragicomedy on the most inhuman act of 20th century, the Holocaust of Jews.

How far can you go for your family is what the apt tag line will be for this film. From protecting the wife from inhuman creatures to protecting the innocence of his only son, Guido Orefice does it all for his family and even sacrifices his whole life for them.

Roberto Benigni is affable as Guido, a wonderful human being who knows to take everything with a sense of humour. There are turbulent times, the world has changed for him, he is put in the most awful circumstances, even he is caught and will be executed. In all the places, all he does is smile. It's heartening to see a man go through dire circumstances with liveliness and smile. But that tragedy that is to come is fatal and that's where hearts melt for the audience. A happy family is shattered for no fault of their own.

In the second world war, Jews were condemned as sinners and executed, it's on of the most insane things ever done, on this planet. Hitler will never be forgive for his sins for centuries.

The story is simple, the portrayal is wonderful, the art direction is superb and the other aspects are right. The 2 hours are fun for the first half and heart rending in the second. But all is well in the end. This film is simply beautiful.

Loved Roberto Benigni, his wife Nicoletta Braschi (she played Dora, the wife of Guido) and Giorgio Cantarini (he played the role of 5 year old Joshua, son of Guido). The other performances were wonderful too.

There is not a frame or scene that's boring or out of place. This film deserves a 5/5. Humanity means something, see this to know that. It's all about bringing smiles to others.

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