Sunday, August 24, 2014

1 (2014) - TELUGU

Disastrous beginning to a year with this Film. I have no inhibitions in saying that only rot can come out Garbage called Telugu Film Industry and this is one of the dirty things.

A man who made a sensible feel good film last year makes an attempt at something different. Sadly he failed miserably.  Also, he failed me as an audience.

You can have a psychological problem but transferring that to the audience does no justice to view the film. The first half has so many uncalled for repetitive scenes that after an hour into the film I was scratching my head. Oh, god save me from the pain is what I was the interval break I was even thinking to quit the theater but stuck there to see what might happen. 

The second half is more confusing and it did bother me a lot. The good part comes only in the last 10 minutes where the protagonist Gautam (Mahesh babu) becomes emotional. 

The acting was purely OK by Mahesh babu who showed a range of emotions in his earlier films. Whenever the heroine spoke, my ears were cringing. Terrible her voice is and the dubbing artist could have done a better job. All others were merely OK.

Technically, cinematography is good but considering the huge budget of 60 crores, I am disappointed. Editing and Music just did not work for me. 

The screenplay just tried to be different and it does not do enough. It's lazily written and edited. It's purely a half hearted attempt. Else, who could have inserted an item song called 'johnny johnny yes papa' in London with the protagonist himself being a rockstar. 

A 1/5 just for camera work and the last minute emotional scenes else a pure zero for this. Telugu Film Industry you are capable of great stuff but you succumb to the needs of fans and hence give only dumb films. 

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