Tuesday, August 19, 2014


One of the most rewarding films of the year.

Happy to be seeing this. But sad that it did not release in theaters. I suppose, in a country like us, we do not value art and films. Our theatre owners are not passionate enough about films that's why I suppose they do not release indie films like this in our country. Nevertheless I am super happy and have already seen this twice. For the first time yesterday night, in one-go and since morning taking breaks and understanding the conversations. Deciphering the text, subtext, context and reading between the lines. It's an awesome feeling I have now. Feel so enriched by this experience.

In life, we do one thing most and that is talk the second thing we do most is sleep. Now, I am a big fan of talk and it's very tough for me to hold back myself from talking. When the talk is this good as in this film, I love this. 

Now, what's the talk about. A dad explains an american tradition of giving back to the nature when peeing. A dad tells his 15 year old daughter not to get pregnant with her boyfriend. A 8 year boy learns of divorce through his mom's separation. And a teenager comes to terms with life and his passion for photography and art. Finally learns that it's the moment that seizes us and we can't seize the moment by itself. These are just fresh memories I have of this film which has given me immense learnings. 

The taking of this film is an epic to say the least. It's a film that was shot without any story or script for 12 years. They shot like 4-5 days each year based around a conversation and the growth of the character. It follows the growth of a young boy and his family from the age of 6 to 18. The same boy is seen growing and that comes as a wonderful transformation which we see happening on screen. Never have I earlier experienced such a real transformation captured on screen. So this is one of the toughest films ever perceived and one of the finest films ever conceived. 

The actors do not act they just live out their lives. They play the parts as casually as we would talk to a close friend without thinking much of the consequences. Damn, that is real fun. 

A 5/5 for this overwhelmingly warm film that is 2 hours and 45 minutes too short and quick. It tests the patience of those who are actually uninterested in life. But for the interested ones, this is life coming alive on screen.

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