Saturday, August 9, 2014


What it is on the face value is a crime comedy film but what it actually is, is more fun.

Three friends want to do something big and quick even if it's illegal. They set out a plan execute it to failure, OK, if it's once that would have been fine but what if it fails the second time too. Is this a movie then, movies are not supposed to fail aren't they? Heroes should prosper and even if caught, they must escape and prove their innocence. This film has a different perspective than the above mentioned cliched trivial thinking.

It has got all the ingredients of a good fun film. There is a love story, a friendship, envy and even deceit. It's the flow of the story that makes it a good film and a cut above the rest. 

The performances are strong and believable, the editing is precise and the cinematography is good. Keeping in mind the meagre budget, this is surely a well made film with good production quality. The winner although is the story and the writing.  

This is the first Wes Anderson film and as a debut, he had done a fabulous job. A 3/5 for a film that is definitely good. 

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