Sunday, December 11, 2011


Easily one of the best satires in a long time.

Well, will Natha die or not? what if he dies and what if he doesn't. What a way to capture things and the dialect of a small town story that we don't even consider news in our daily news. Making reporters as caricatures, his family members as helpless, politicians as the corrupt and Natha as a scapegoat for a well written satire is great. 

It begins with two farmers running around to save their land and in the end they lost more than that. Acted very well by all, even the grandma who sleeps on the hand made cot screams as if it's very natural to her. All over, naturality prevails in the movie which is really refreshing and surely we do not see many movies that show our villages as seen in Peepli Live in all their colors. There are many good thing with respect to the movie and it's one rare small piece that we treasure in our memory for a long time. 

I also, cheered Natha to be alive and fight against the system but its very mean of me to expect such a thing from a petty farmer who does not understand the system well. When people are talking politics, he just looks at eggs on the table. When he is being interviewed, he is so very enthusiastic to believe his death will bring glory.  

For Omkar Das Manikpuri as Natha, hail him as an actor and would love to see more of him, which sadly I have not been given a chance by our great Hindi Film Industry people who are behind glamour, money (for example take this year's Bodyguard, Mere brother ki Dulhan, Ra One or even the Dirty picture all movies I refrained from watching).

I would go with 4/5 for a movie that is satirical in a very good way and has an ending that still makes me think why farmers are shying from farming.

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