Sunday, December 4, 2011


To live life like a king, we must earn the throne.

Fight for the throne, achieve it and then you are the king. That's off course the climax of the movie but to get there, it takes a lot. I have a few personal memories of this film. Watching it in Sangeet theatre, feeling like Simba when back home. When I watch it today too, I got the kid out in me and was reveling in those memories. It's a simple story, made very well and oh yeah great photography and terrific music. In fact this is more a musical than an adventure.

Before PIXAR invaded the animation industry and when there was Walt Disney at the helm, this film was the best ever animated film and it still is in many ways. This has 2D animation and is drawn with lines unlike the PIXAR 3D animation and is completely based out of drawings and a typical storyboard where every small move has to be drawn. It took a lot of pain to detail for sure but the tougher job is to put them all together and make it what it stands today.  Kudos to directors Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff and thanks Disney again for giving us a movie to vie for and woo for.

Technically, a great film and it's made greater by the cinematography, the quality of animation, the story that's about the making of the king, a commonplace story though but will work on an emotional level. 
Today, i found few silly things, but will give them away as they also seem to fall in place. One specific scene I liked is Simba walking with the king Mufasa to learn a few things, a father son thing that works.

It's 4/5 for a great animation feature with a universal story.

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