Saturday, December 3, 2011


Life is not something to be decided in five minutes. Let's talk about it.

Well, the most important movie in terms of format and and in fact the best movie it terms of dialogue. 
This movie is completely unconventional in format and it's setting. 12 men discuss a case in a room, weird for a movie isn't it. How long can you sustain drama with a case, that's the point. Extremely well written and well acted, this is in fact a testimony of writing. All films have to be driven by writing more than anything else. Simply shot, the dialogue makes up for everything here. 

There are many things that could have been shown like it happens in other courtroom dramas, that is I mean the whole trial, the evidences, the arguments. But here, the trial is over only the judgement of the jury is pending which is 11-1 from the word go and in all expectation should have been 12-0 in favor of guilty. Now, that does not make a good character of the man who stood out. That 1 man has to influence all the 11 others to become an outstanding man from a mere standing out person. And that is what exactly happens. 

Good, in every which way you consider.  If you see it once, and I am sure if you watched it once, you will mostly be convinced by my argument it's the most Simply made movie that is great in all aspects. 

Henry Fonda, must be appreciated a lot for producing this and giving the job of direction to Sidney Lumet as his first movie. Greatly written by Reginald Rose as a play and then for the movie. All the greatness pertaining to this movie should be credited to the mentioned three names. Thanks for everyone who was a part of this film and made it what it is today. This is one of the most important films of my life as it triggered a thought of why don't I make a movie set in a room and that's just live talk. 

Oh yes, I waited for the longest time to get a Blu ray of this, and was very happy again with the quality., blu-ray just rocks and thanks for the transformation.

It's 5/5 for a movie that has stood the test of time and will be as great as ever even many years later.

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