Monday, December 19, 2011


I wish I had a snap to put here.

It's my first play I saw in my life. Can you believe it, I never saw a professional play till date. At least I can't believe this.

Now, Business is war is a comedy play about an Advertising Agency called Cut N Paste and how the leader of it, George wins over clients. Acted very well by George (don't remember who played it), this is a good play for sure but it has moments of sluggishness.  It's comical but not satirical, it's imitable and in fact a few scenes are inspired from our very own Bollywood film scenes. Like women falling to give a tiffin box each to George. Even a few dialogs are typically filmy.

Writing is good by Deepak Morris and so is the direction by Riyaz Usman. But if acted well and had a few scenes taken care this play would have a real wonderful treat.

Coming to the name "Business is War" only one symbolism was shown in a dialog but there is no interpretation of the play like a Business being shown explicitly and how it is made as a war. The conflict here is not between one company and the other but how to win over a client by doing anything.

Few things are not in scope of a Play like Cinematography or Dubbing or even there is no cut and a retake. It's all spontaneous and the more you rehearse, the better it turns out generally. I knew these things earlier but got to see them just today.

So it was a happy one hour but I felt it could have been so much better. Most importantly, it was done by Infosys, an Indian Software Company and I hope something like this comes out in my organization too.

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