Tuesday, December 13, 2011


"If fruits are big, it doesn't mean they have to be tasty." One of the dialogues in the film goes very well with film.

Big films need not be completely great and small and mid-budget films need not be tasteless either.

Based on the life of Silk Smitha, this film takes a sneak peek into an actress life who got men rolling in 1980's in almost her every appearance (irrespective of the time she was on screen)

A few lines about Silk Smitha before I proceed with the review. A seductress by choice, she got the name and credit she earned in her own way when men were ruling the roost with action. She was not a forced actress, she did things freely and seduction was in her voice and in her every move on screen. The most memorable film of hers for me is  Sadma (Moondram Pirai in Tamil and Vasanthakokila in Telugu). So that's about Silk Smitha, the woman who was termed vulgar by the then hypocrites.

Now, coming to dirty picture. What it has is, Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment (not in the real sense) in terms of Vidya Balan.  I must say, she has single handedly given life to a lackluster script that has good dialogues but it suffers by too many unimportant small things being detailed.

Rajat Aroraa's many dialogues are noteworthy and if some are straight in the face, some are twisted with humour, for most dialogues I laughed. The good thing is that for most part the movie does not take itself seriously. Only in that last half an hour or so, it changes its point. From an entertainment queen, she is turned into something that brings the inevitable end. Did Silk Smitha die? Oh sure she did but the way she did was shown simplistically in the climax (I liked it), a great change for Hindi films where every climax has to be big and loud (as per a set norm).

Please spare Mr. Tusshar Kapoor and keep him out of any film please, he is a complete misfit. Nasseruddin Shah was his natural self. Emraan Hashmi, I must say had done his job well. Actually, I was very apprehensive watching an Emraan Hashmi film on screen because it would be complete waste of time. But here he did it well and yes his character was very liked by me, he played a hypocrite as a one who knows what's hypocrisy is all about. Now, the only reason for which you should watch this movie is Vidya Balan.

She deserves all the best actress awards next year. She exposed for the character while other actress expose to show themselves in the name of "script demands it". Here, we have a script that truly demanded what Vidya did and she came out in flying colors. All my appreciation to her. I shall now say, she is the best actress we have around and use her properly please and she will deliver extremely superb acting for sure. I would dare say, she is Smitha Patil or Shabana Azmi of today.

For the film, the editing and sound design please are two departments that I think are un touched and very bad that are a big let down. Art direction is very good and cinematography is mediocre. This script had a lot of scope for using camera but I believe camera was very minimally used. So all these, got the movie to a mediocre level. But, Vidya Balan covered most of the shortcomings.

As of today, I rate it 3/5 a movie a good one for Vidya Balan. 

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