Friday, December 2, 2011


A family tale told like an epic.  An epic of a movie but has its technical shortcomings.

"Madisannaaka Kosanta Kala Posana Undala" 

This one line describes the movie, yes being humans we need to have some artistic taste or values to have some flavor in life. There are many positives in a movie that was taken in a time when country was in emergency trouble and was transforming itself a great deal. When I saw this today, I found some relevance today too coz stil we crib about basic things with so much availability around and have grave infidelity complexes even though its just a simple phone call.

36 years later if still there is a relevance then certainly it must be considered as an epic. Had it been made with better technicians like a good cinematographer and a better editor and a good costume designer and yes all of the above better art director, this could have turned out to be the best movies ever made. But taking into view the time it was made, it is sill avery good attempt. 

Of course, silly things like Hanuman helping the kids, Joginaatham (Allu Ramalingiah) being bitten by monkey and acting like monkey and the iem song if I may call so are absolutely mt needed. The Hanuman element only made it look like modern day ramayana and nothing else, 

Few dialogues "Ikkade undi pondi mamagaru, naaku mugguru pillalu anukuntaanu" are really tear jerking and just if they roll down, let them flow. No much comedy except for introduction scene of Rao GopalRao.

I am very happy overall but would have loved it to be better. It's 4/5.

Moral of the story 'Sifarusulatho Kapuralu Chakka Badavu" - "Married lives cannot be set right by others recommendations".

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