Saturday, March 25, 2017


An engaging film that made me invest a lot of emotion and empathize with protagonist.

This is the third endeavor of Vikramidtya Motwane and I am a fan of him already. Loved his "Udaan" liked his "Lootera" and now loved his "Trapped". The three films are radically different from each other and Trapped shows his growth as a film maker too. 

Trapped is a survival genre film but unlike the Hollywood film "Cast Away", "127 Hours", "Buried" which have been set in alienated backdrops, the setting and backdrop of Trapped is in the heart of a metro city among millions of people. It makes it an interesting as well a satirical take that makes a statement of the way of life in a busy city in India. We are too populated yet too entangled in our own lives that we seldom care about others including our immediate neighbours. 

Rajkumar Rao is terrific and the way he brings his characters to life is quite unbelivable. He did "Shahid" and then "City Lights" and now "Trapped". These three films he plays characters that are real and belivable but vulnerable and his depiction of the characters ha always pleased me. Amongst all, I loved "Shahid" and now "Shaurya "in "Trapped". 

I can sit through the film more times just to understand how he pulled such a character. There is dumbness in him, there is stupidity, there is desperation and there is fear. Wow, the writing of the character is fine but the portrayal is worth many awards and I genuinely hope he gets recognised for his performance in this film. 

Ths music is haunting and is right up there. The sound design is commendable in this film. Although this film is claustorphobic and has little scope for cinematography, it's done well I must say. The angles, the elevations, the following of objects, the detailing of nuances is done pretty well. 

Overall, I loved this entrapment and was with "Shaurya" even after walking out of cinema. This is one film that's something we are bound to take back home. Memorable affair this. A 4/5 for such an effort to the team, Rajkumar and Vikramidtya.

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