Tuesday, March 28, 2017


A film that made did not let me relax after the first 30 minutes till the end.

This is one of those films where it was tough to blink an eye. This was a horror film masked as a sci-fi film. Before going to the film, I just knew that there was Jake Gylenhall, I did not know anything else in the film. Also, I am happy that I did not watch the trailer. There is a lot of surprise in the film and the twists are worth the money.

The best line I give to "I Belong up here. I don;t want to go back to those 8 billion fuckers".

Jake Gylenhall as "David Jordan" was poised, calm and thoughtful. Ryan Reynolds as "Rory" was adept in his job. Others were rightly placed in the job based on skills. Mind you it's a NASA space mission so nothing is taken for granted. Yet, a mistake happens that comes to haunt them with their own lives at stake.

This is a spine chilling affair that put me at the edge of the seat even as the end credits rolled in.. The background music was superb and was apt for the scene. It wasn't loud or haunting but just right to create the mood. The cinematography is stupendous to say the least. Mostly set within the space craft yet to manoeuvre camera in the confined space was brilliant.

The trills are great and yes, there were a couple of jump scares too which added to the fun. Overall, it's a film that I took back home and it's haunting me with questions even now.

A 4/5 for this. A bang for the buck.  

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