Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Greatness resonates from the word go.

The mission is to save a private in world war.  Looks simple huh? To save a human in a war of worldly proportions is no mean feat. Lot of sacrifices are done, many hearts are broken and thus a man is saved from dying in a war. It's the depiction of these sacrifices that makes this film great.

Steven Spielberg is a great director in many ways. He handles a drama as well as a Sci-fi film with great ease and the basic ingredient of his every recipe is emotion. We fall for the soldiers here, we wish they we would win and not die like I wished for a dinosaur to save a family in Jurassic Park. It's through emotions that he conveys stories. His characters more often than not are standing up to a cause which they firmly believe. They are strong and some of them we can sincerely look up to. Captain John Miller played by Tom Hanks is one such character that deserves a salute.

Humanity, patriotism and many more are embedded in this film but for me its obedience and friendship that drove the film. The captain is obedient to his officers and accepts the orders putting his life in danger amid dire circumstances. This is an epitome of obedience and sincerity. Also, he is so friendly with his troops and camp that he empathizes and understands genuinely what they go through and is always there for them. Friends that is true friends they are.

Technically, the depiction of war is perhaps a near perfect one. Only recently I saw HACKSAW RIDGE and I was reminded again of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN because the depiction of war in this film is very natural and I could feel the blood of the soldiers. It's too real for my comfort. Each department is par excellence in this film.

A 5/5 for one of the greatest war films ever.

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