Saturday, March 25, 2017


I liked this film but I have my reservations.

Firstly, will there be a 8 or 9 year old in a concentration camp during the Nazi regime.
Secondly, was the camp border so unprotected that anyone can sneak through.
These are just two of my many questions in this film.

I liked many aspects of this very aptly made, touchy emotional film but if ever I have to cry watching a holocaust film, I would fall back on the great "Schindler's List" or the wonderful "Life is Beautiful". This is a trivialised tale of holocaust and bringing in kids into such tragedies is what I found gimmicky and I am apprehensive that ever such films are being made on children. They were too innocent as kids during the Nazis and we must keep them innocent till they are atleast 12-13 I believe. Now a days kids are too curious and it's anxiety that kills the fun and spoils them too soon. I am better off being away with such films and books.

Yet, I loved the performances of the kids. Asa Butterfied as "Bruno" and Jack Snalon as "Shmuel" were both terrific in the film. The sound, the cinematography and the production design are top notch too.

The writing is something I seriously question. The intention of writing, worries me above all else.

A 3/5 for a film that is good and I wish it won't be watched by kids who don't understand or are mature enough to sit through such films.  

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