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Every human being has a story, every story has its own interesting aspects.The biggest takeaway from the book is this.

After the third chapter in the book, I stopped expecting anything above than a typical ordinary man's routine and I fell in love with the narrative from then. Stoner lives an average person's life. What the big fuss then, one may say. Yet, the essence is to remind us to value life as it is. "I am just a little person, one person in a sea" - Lyrics of a song that I love. Yet, that little man in the world is world to many people. For his family, he is a sea, for his wife or kids he is an ocean.

John Williams put up a normal story and the style is also pretty normal. Fiction, though this book may be categorized into, but there is not even a page that is unrealistic. Not an event, that may not have happened or heard in any of our lives. Yet, to celebrate each of those and understand that it's okay as long as lessons are learned and reflected upon. Mistakes are meant to be made by humans, nobody is perfect they say. But strife for perfection should never be stopped. I am learning new things and unlearning old things. There are few things I carry and few things that I realized to have learnt the wrong way.

Life gives us choices, rather time gives us choices and we pick what we think is right at that point time. Is that the right choice or not, shall again be decided by time. Also, nothing is like a love for eternity. Those who find their true love are lucky I must say. But for most, life ends searching for true love. This book about one of those many lives, which ends in pursuit rather than fulfillment.

I loved the book for its simplicity and authenticity. Stoner avoided the World War and he avoided many wars in his life. It's a book that I can relate to and am connected. It's a beautiful find in my life.

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