Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Drums, drumming and drummer. I precisely put what this film is about.

There is a kid in his twenties who joins the so-called best music school in America and it's about how he goes about his passion that is Drums.

Drums are percussion instruments that make a lot of noise if not played well. But here, they seem to have been played to the beat.

Okay, now let me give this to all the jazz lovers. If you are going to watch with an expectation to learn or know more or to understand jazz music, stay away, please. Except for few mentions of Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong, Buddy Rich and a few more, this film has not got any jazz. In the garb of jazz, it has got music that is as good as any other film with no greatness added.

The movie is more about abuse of power and authority than Jazz for sure. Not one frame I saw can be termed "musical".

The acting is superb above all else. The whole outlook is dark and I was very surprised because that's so not music. Perhaps, it deals with dark emotions thus, it is set dark.

I am going with a 3/5 for a good one, but only for some good acting. All else, is just OK.

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