Monday, January 25, 2016


A film that’s nostalgic in many terms and terrific technically.

This is an animated stop-motion film and one of it’s kind in today’s world where there is a huge amount of technical brilliance. Stop-motion animation is one of the oldest techniques as old as Alice in wonderland in 1903 and even much before that. This film adopts the same technology and adds up a lot of speediness to make the stop motion to look real animation. So technically it is great.

The content is fun, but there is a strong script over a not so strong story which is an inherent ingredient of  Wes Anderson film.  Had there been a stronger story, this would have been more wonderful. The voice over is stupendous and the dialogues are well written too. Above all, the humor is subtle and yet hilarious. 

Music by Alexandre Desplat is worth a mention as it adds a lot of weight to this film. It's a great score and gels well with the film, 

Wes Anderson can take a simple story and make it more than a worthwhile watch and he proves yet again with this. The art direction and the colors used are great and made the film an treat to the eye. 
The characterisation is one that you would find in a typical commercial film. There is a hero, a heroine, a sidekick and a villain. Together, there is a family too. So this is a perfect stop-motion family entertainer I would say.

I loved this for many reasons and thanks to Anderson for bringing stop-motion back. Big thanks for his wit and sense of humor that are displayed generously in the film.

A 4/5 to a great stop motion animation film.

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