Tuesday, January 19, 2016


A revengeful survivor story set in a terrific landscape.

It's beautiful to look at from the word go but it's a painful to see the protagonist coping with adversities and becoming a hero. It's a story set in the 19th century so there are horses for commuting and stones for making fire. Yet, the theme is universal and so it can be considered a contemporary story with a couple of centuries old backdrop. 

I went to see the film for two reasons, the director Alejandro Inarittu and the actor Leonardo DiCaprio and both seemed to in good form although not in their prime form. Nevertheless, that's enough to make a good film. 

Technically, the cinematography is top notch and the production design is terrific. The whole crew has to be complimented for working a whole film in such a drastic and unpredictable weather and landscape. The editing could have been more precise. Too many frames of nature, I felt and I hoped for more characters than nature. Makeup is amazing and I suppose it's makeup and costume design is one of the finest I saw in recent times. What disappointed me was the screenplay. This film seemed a bit stretched out and predictability killed the fun. When you know, the path and also the destiny, there is no fun anymore and this film showed me both after few minutes into it.

Leonardo has invested a lot of his time and his physical transformation and fearless acting tells why he is one of the finest actors ever. I got my money worth, solely by his performance. Though for me his Aviator, Blood Diamond, and The Departed are his best, this performance stands tall too.

Overall, it's a well-written film but 20 minutes short, this would be a great film. As it is, it's fine for me.

A 3/5 for a good film, but once again full marks to Leonardo DiCaprio. Respect.

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