Monday, January 25, 2016


The Lord of the Rings has changed the scope of fantasy films forever. The Fellowship of the Ring was just the beginning.

This is a fantastic fantasy film and just a start yet.

I have seen the trilogy 3 times and after nearly 10 years, I am revisiting the trilogy. Even now, if give me a thrill that is unparalleled. Now, I know what is going to come but still I wait for the unfolding. I am seeing this in awe and for appreciation of the caliber that was put in the making of these films.

The fellowship gave details and the tone is perfectly right. There is a backdrop story that is explained so that those who have not read the book can understand what the story is all about. Why is the title named "Lord of The Rings in the first place? Also, why is this part called "The Fellowship of the Ring".

As we travel with the film, the mysteries and solved and we get a clear and bright picture of what the whole thing is about. 

I watch these films and am now revisiting them because in all these years I have not seen any fantasy film that has such great usage of graphics and keeps things real. The sky, the grasslands, the mountains, the marshes, the landscape everything seems real. Perhaps, all these exist in some part of the world today.

The major part of the film was shot in Norther Islands of New Zealand and no film I believe I can capture or depict New Zealand's landscape as this film has done.

Peter Jackson deserves all the kudos for translating a novel by the same name, into a near perfect film on celluloid.

Perhaps, I will revisit this some time again. Till then 5/5. Thanks to all those, who made this film and this trilogy a possibility of such magnanimity. 

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