Monday, June 9, 2014


A dish that's tasty in the beginning but starts to turn bland by the mid way.

If ever you meet a girl for the first time in your life, can you hug her very fondly publicly? I doubt that and that's what the protagonist Kalidasu (Prakash Raj) does. He plays a 49 year old archaeologist who has been alone for a very long time in life. He has come to terms with loneliness and starts living with it, only on a day, there is tryst and there seems to be an affair that blossoms well. Now this man named Kalidasu, seems mature, humane, sincere and even has that tiny flaws which are common to humans. Yet, there is huge contradiction in the way he perceived love and that was disappointing to me. A man who has been through most part of life, could have behaved in a different way instead of listening to what a youngster tells. 

For the sake of building up a story, one can write anything. Now, how interesting will that be depends on many factors. This story was merely cooked up with uncalled for subplots and an age-old main plot. In Telugu itself, we have many reference of such plots like "Rajahamsa" and "Ashta Chamma".

The acting was commendable by the main leads Prakash Raj and Sneha. The other pair have just fit the bill but did not contribute much. I liked Brahmaji and M S Narayana. Others were just okay. I wish the acting could have been much better than what it actually is, at least that would have added depth to the otherwise shallow script.

The title itself I thought was misleading as there is neither and Ulavacharu nor a Biryani. There are delicacies for sure but they are something else but not the ones mentioned in the title. The writing is too weak at places. Example, the whole explanation of recipe of a cook is too long and uninteresting for me. Though the cinematography and production design was considerably okay, the biggest disappointment came in the form of editing. The cuts are either too sharp or too weak. I suppose, a few sub plots could have been easily edited out. The usage of the music is seriously questionable. Ilayaraja gave good music, but I thought that was not effectively used.

Prakash Raj gave a tailor made film typical to multiplex audiences but fails in adding some interesting aspect and instead gives a half baked dish. The intent can be appreciated but the execution is way below par.

A promising trailer need not transpire into a good movie. A rule that's proven with this film again. It's an average 2/5 film that is for audiences who want to taste something different just for the sake of trying.

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