Friday, May 2, 2014


The logic of this film is the logic of a dream.

It's surreal, complicated and does give very less breathing space to contemplate what has happened. Made by a film aficionado for film aficionados, this is a highly intellectual interpretation of what Franz Kafka wrote. There are reasons why only Orson Welles could attempt this, without any compromise. Also, only why he could understand it and interpret it the way he did. Orson Welles perhaps, has many similarities with Kafka. From being eccentric and extremely passionate about his art to having a similar surreal psyche that is left for the interpretation of the audience than being spoon-fed. 

From the cast to the settings, to the humongous number of extras used, this film has a grandeur which can also be stated as grandeur of delusions. A door opens another one and we do not know if all that was happening was real or a mere illusion. Such is the script that it never made me wake up from the times I watched it. I watched it thrice and will watch it many times more. There is so much happening and so much has been said that it took me time to even get a grasp of it. I must admit I read the book only after watching this film. 

I watched it thrice till date. The first time, it shook me. Second time, it gave me some insights. Third time, I was awestruck as I got to understand a few details deeply. Perhaps, this is still not right for me to review this film coz there are many more things that I ought to know in the process of understanding this film. 

Kafka is probably one of the most complicated writers of 19th century. While other writers used lot of verbiage to elucidate the details, Kafka used less words and said so much more. The translators of Kafka's works should be hugely applauded for they would have gone through a lot of pain in getting us the right meaning and in the appropriate context. 

Getting back to the film, this has great set pieces and Orson Welles proves yet again that why is grandeur a must to show a film in a certain way. It adds intrigue, mystique and a certain sense of being there. The scene where K escapes from the the painter and the way it has been shot, is just magnificent. Welles knows how to use camera, art design, and the setup the sets with the shots in mind meticulously.

Hey, is this a movie review? I really doubt coz after reading, I felt like I reviewed Kafka and Orson Welles more than the movie "The Trial" itself. Nevertheless, I can simply say it is one of the most profound surreal films that will be ever made.

A 5/5 for one of the finest films by a master director.

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