Monday, May 19, 2014


A terrific film by a terrific director. 

Setup mostly in a single apartment with lot many details of apartment and characters explored in very little time, this is a very good detailed film about murder. There is a lot of conversation, for the most part of it. Most of it is planning the murder, and the rest of conversation is about covering up by culprit, then the culprit being brought to justice. 

The best part is in the first 10-15 minutes itself we know of what would come. Who has planned whose murder that is setup very clearly. Now the rest of it is for the police to bring the murderer or the planned murderer to justice. To categorise this as a mere thriller might not be apt for this. This has a lot of drama, it's cold blooded drama and a meticulously planned murder. It's not mystery either coz there are many things that are clear. We know who plans it, what is his motive and how he wants it. What happens perhaps is different but, the person who has planned needs to be brought to justice. The only driving point from then is how is he brought to justice. 

Ray Milland does a terrific job, less of emotion and so much of cold-bloodedness in him. Damn, that is very tough to pull off and he does it with considerable ease. 

The master throws up a masterful film in this. Also, there is a significance in the title "Dial M" though shown very briefly, it has it's place. 

Without much to say about this film any further, I am going with 4/5 for a film by my favourite director. Hitchcock rocks again in this film.

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