Monday, May 19, 2014


Perhaps, this is the only film that does complete justice to Coen Brothers as they are.

Symbolism is just supreme in this film. There can be many interpretations of a dialogue, a scene, a character and his actions. Barton Fink is a writer who abhors the Hollywood System and wants to create space in theatre for common man. When such a guy asks a girl "Are you into movies?" She replies "Are you silly?". Just for this dialogue I can derive many interpretations. Are movies Silly? Is it foolish of him to be thinking of movies? And likewise many more.

So a film, that's highly symbolic would be an understatement to this, there should be a better statement. Coz, this has a great treatment and wonderful acting in a story that's minimal in content and yet humongous in exploring the little content in the story.

John Turturro is a revelation in this film and John Goodman shows why is so good at. These are two underrated actors I believe in the last 20 years. John Goodman was superb in a few films, though he did actually act in very few than his contemporaries, his choice was good in terms of script. John Turturro is a terrific actor whose potential was unleashed in very few films, mostly by Coen Brothers though.

From the poster of this film, till the last scene, there is an intrigue that's typical only to a Coen Brothers film. if anyone is thinking, what is a mosquito doing in the poster? I recommend them to see this film to know it for yourself. 

I am happy to have seen this now fully in one ago, though earlier I tried to see it in parts, but could not finish. Indeed, it was a rewarding experience that threw many challenges in terms of narrative and treatment.

I love this film and will watch it again soon. A 4/5 for this film. Perhaps, the best of Coen Brothers till date.

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