Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I liked this film and it was wonderful to see a legend, ANR for the last time on silver screen.

The screenplay, though inspired is well written to adapt to the nativity of Telugu audiences. Thankfully, I did not take my brain inside the movie theater, so I just went with the flow and reacted for whatever was happening, without thinking anything. So I could appreciate some genuine feelings which made me feel for the characters.

Produced by Akkineni Family, this films uses many things about them, from their names to fitting whole of the family in a frame. Nagarjuna as a surprise acted well and was the best among the lot. He showcased his skills very effortlessly and he just went along with the flow. I cannot remember even one dialogue which I thought was out of place or uncalled for. Dialogues between ANR and Naga Chaitanya were a bit overboard I felt.

The film is not devoid of flaws, it has some huge and big holes. But, all those can be forgiven if the sheer effort of writing down this piece and putting all the pieces together are considered. Nagarjuna again proved to be a good producer who wishes to take challenges and it was heartening to see this script having such a huge cast. It's an experiment in Telugu Film Industry and I am happy it has paid off. 

It involves multiple flashbacks and the same people wearing different characters. It would have been really tough had this been complicated. This was a very simplified and spoon-fed screenplay and that's the reason I believe it worked. 

Of all the stories that were put in, I liked the story of Seeta (Nagarjuna) and Rama (Shriya) in the village. That was a real treat in the film. A 3/5 for a film that I liked and I hope to see such endeavors being enocuraged in Telugu Film Industry.

Just a spoiler, please watch the film "Back To The Future" which I believe is a huge inspiration for this film.

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