Monday, April 21, 2014


Indeed, children are stars on earth and yes, every child is special.

Aamir Khan is a good man and he proved it again by taking up this project and anchoring this till it reaches its viewers. To perceive the story of a child, make the child as a protagonist and then only appear in the second half of the film although being a mainstream commercial actor should have been very tough for Aamir Khan. But considering that he is a sensitive human and a great actor who puts the script above the actors, perhaps he put in the form it is today. 

The writer-lyricist Amole Gupte who produced a wonderful script with fine nuances of children put in there. Their emotions, their childishness, their mischief and even their stubbornness are stupendously written in this script. It is near flawless in terms of emotional quotient and makes me weep whenever I see this. Kudos to Amole Gupte for giving us a memorable film. Barring one scene where Aamir as Nikumbh (the painting teacher) preaches the parents of Ishaan (Darsheel Safary), about running for marks and forgetting the essence of childhood, the rest of the script was mellifluous.

There is a touch of melancholy in Ishaan's life but that's genuine and is not overboard. There is a joy of accomplishment at the end and makes me as viewer very happy and triumphant. I was enjoying the win of Ishaan, that's how this film moved me and it continues to do so even after 6 years of release. 

Music is a special thing for this film. From the title song to the Bheja Kum number on teachers, everything is in place. Perhaps, Bum Bum Bole, the song of Aamir Khan might have been the only hindrance, but even that has wonderful lyrics asking many questions so that's also beautiful and falls in place. My favorite though is "Mera Jahaan" where Ishaan explores the world outside and is wondered by the incidents. 

Editing is good and so is the cinematography. The camera does its job adequately by showing us the required emotions in the right way. Neither too many close ups nor too many long shots. The shots are composed well. There are a few subplots which add emotions too, they seem to be sensitive and bring some good tears. Like Nikumbh (Aamir) teaching the under privileged children and making an even for those children. 

This is definitely a feel good film, where by the end, I felt really very good and was happy enjoying the fact that a child who was having a psychic problem could overcome that by sheer hard work and by the right guidance. this is a testimony in Indian Cinema of how good a message can be told without ever being preachy. If done the right way, we can go many miles in reach and scope. This is a film that I hope every parent a child will see all over the globe and hopefully they connect with it.

A 5/5 for one my favorite films. I loved it, because I connected with it. 

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