Friday, April 4, 2014


Weirdly delicious film, I cannot define this in a better way. 

Filled with idiosyncratic characters and eccentric scenes, this film is all about these characters above all else. 
In a building where a butcher heads a group of people and invites tenants on his terms and conditions, he acts with a weird sense. The building is dilapidated, the time frame is not mentioned and is left for ambiguity, the actions of characters are mostly out of place and hard to find reason. Yet, all of this makes an interesting a fun film. 

The fun is derived by the color toning of the film which is partially sepia. Also, the fun lies in the camera work by Darius Khondji. The whole setup and production design is done peculiarly to make us curious. From the first frame, of the film I was kept curious till the end as to what is happening on screen and where will it lead. For sure, the screenplay is gripping and it proves that however a story may be but if told interestingly, it can be great fun to watch.

The editing is another department where the film knocks out a punch. It is meticulous and all the way meant to be interesting I believe that in a film if there is never a dull moment then the credit should go to the editing, and rightly so I do for this film. 

The actors are not known to me considering that this is french film. Yet, all of them are superb in their roles. From a tenant, to the head the looks they give, the expressions they showcase,. the tone of voice they speak in, are all instigating curiosity on the lines of fun and humor.  

Jean Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro  have given us a treat of black comedy and sarcasm embedded with fun and frolic of unpredictable characters. These directors have to be commended for this work which is indeed one of the fine cult movies of 1990's. 

French Cinema in itself is years ahead of contemporary cinema in other parts of world and this film just proves that. A 4/5 for a delicious film.

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