Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I do not understand few things in films and this film had many of my misunderstandings.

Why an irrelevant song comes in between two songs? Why there will be comedy track in climax? Why the sub plots take precedence over main plot? Why a female lead is confined just to songs or has little space in the film? There are so many questions that will be in my mind and most times the answer is simple "It's a Telugu Commercial Film". So we have to expect the unexpected, logic has very little or rather no space. The script is written only for the hero and comedy is forcibly inserted. The audience goes to the movies for entertainment and if they are given some time pass by comedy or songs, they are more than happy. 

I am an absolute misfit to rate commercial telugu movies because for me they are absolutely non-sensical and for the common telugu audience they are more than movies, they debate, talk over, use the same jokes and dialogues in real life and even follow the heroes. 

So, I would rather refrain from reviewing this. I can simply say, I got laughter only in last 20 minutes when Brahmanandam came as Kill Bill Pandey and rest of the film was forgettable for me. 

Without wasting any further words, I am going with 1/5 (purely personal rating) and that 1 is for Kill Bill Pandey.

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