Saturday, November 10, 2018


Another terrific film from a master director.

I had seen this film long back in 2005 but when I revisited the film again today, I was surprised. This film is technically good and emotionally terrific. It's the blend that took me by surprise and although the film was nearly 144 minutes, I did feel it was a breeze and the film ended too soon. So much happens in so little time and there is never a dull moment. The editing should be applauded for keeping it very tight and engaging.  Thanks to Michael Kahn, the editor of Munich.

One can interpret this film as a statement on Munich and its aftermath, but it’s much more rewarding is what I think. If we see it with a different perspective, and from the prism of the ghastly terror of 9/11 in NY or 26/11 (nov 26) in Mumbai, then it all makes senses. In “Munich,” a traumatic public massacre staged for maximum media impact stains the imaginations of all who see it and fills them with grief and frustration of helplessness that they are willing to, negotiate with their values. Although, "Munich" is an enactment and only claims to be "Inspired by True Events", it plays a much bigger and wider role. We need a film like "Munich" more than ever now.

I am thankful of Spielberg to have chosen the script and took the responsibility of directing it himself. I am not sure if any other director would have done as much justice as Spielberg has. He being a jew, and yet keeping away the Jew faith, he directed the film unemotionally.

Technically, it will stand the test of time and it must be seen by many generations to come. Especially those who are willing to be a true sportsman.  They will excel in sports but to understand the complexities of life, we need such films that are affirmative and keep the point straight.

A 5/5 for a gem from Steven Spielberg. 

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