Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I drenched myself in monsoons of your passion
I quenched my thirst in the rains of our unison
Yet, parched and withered I remain
Because our warmth has left me in pain
I seek to walk away from you but just cannot
For, to leave you is going to make my life go vain
When I trudge towards you and I am rewarded by a slap
"The good times have gone by, now you shouldn't expect a clap"
I hear this from your still and mellowed voice
Still, I do not crib or sob upon on my choice 
I live alone now, in those gone by monsoons unmoved and still
With patience, like a patent who took a time-stop pill
I wait for to come for one last time, just come and kill me
So that, when I die, I pass in peace as I see you in my last breath
I am not in your heart perhaps now any moment
Come take my life and make your eternal past 
I would then be happy living as your past, though dead in the present

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