Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Thanks  to torrents and as soon as the Blu-ray was announced, I got a torrent and when I saw this, I was so very happy. Not because the film was great, but because I wanted to watch this ever since I saw the trailer and I felt like I accomplished a task. 

The reason for intrigue is Danny Boyle, who gave me some wonderful movies like "127 Hours" and "Trainspotting". Nah, I did not like "Slumdog Millionaire" much. Apart from Danny Boyle, the trailer in itself is so surreal and pacy that anyone who would have watched it and seen an earlier Danny Boyle would just dive into the theatres, the day it released. Sadly, I am in India and this did not release here, and thus the wait and thus the happiness. 

Now, is it worth the wait? Partially just yes, coz I liked many parts of it. Partially no, coz the screenplay was familiar. If you have deciphered "Inception" then this one shall be piece of cake. The cinematography was good as ever but not just great as 127 Hours. The CG was so much that I started to dislike it after some time, I just wanted the real thing, real men do some real action. The editing, ah, I love this bit in a Boyle's film. I just loved those sharp cuts, those intercuts and everything, I suppose that Danny Boyle rewrites the whole script by using the editing superbly. 

The writing in itself is razor sharp indeed so busy that lot many things do happen often in a psychedelic way, that we tend to be in trance to see the whole film in a surreal world and there are points where I was made to leave my belief in suspension and determine myself what is real and what is the dream. 

As I often stick to it my no plot revealing stuff, I am not saying much either here. But I can say this much, Trance leaves you in Trance. Now, that neo-noir for you, if "Inception" left us to interpret if the climax was a dream or reality, a similar thing happens here too. I am drawing parallels to "Inception" coz I found something similar, not just in the dream part, but the taking too seems similar. 

Performances are super, by James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel. Indeed, there is hardly any time to take notice of the nuances of their acting, such is frenzy and the pace of the screenplay. It just makes you sit all along. The music by Rick Smith is one that I shall keep for some time to come. It's electronic and fast and even here, I found some "Hans Zimmers"

Sure, this is a kind of movie that will make anyone go for a review as and when you watch it. I just jumped out and wrote all the above in state of trance,. Yet, there are few things I disliked, one is that it's not something completely new in every way, second is that it falls way below my own expectations. Perhaps, expectations are bad but they are good too, as they drive you to see a film, more often than not. 

I am going with 3/5 for a definitely good film, just that it's not as great as earlier Boyle films. Thanks Danny Boyle yet again for giving me a fun ride. 

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