Sunday, July 28, 2013


I sincerely believe, an honest conversation between a man and a woman is the purest form of romance. 

This one is a sequel to the beautiful movies, "BEFORE SUNRISE" and "BEFORE SUNSET". 
Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) have grown to their early 40's and they go through the relationship and phase. Celine has twins from the relationship with Jesse. It's Greece and a whole new level of conversation takes up. If "SUNRISE" in 1995 made Jesse and Celine meet. "SUNSET" in 2004 got them closer by another chance meeting. "MIDNIGHT" in 2013 depicts them as they were together since "SUNSET".

It's a pastiche of romance, their love making, arguments and even silences . There are many conundrums in the talk and they surprised me as ever like the earlier two movies. If in SUNRISE, love blossoms, then in SUNSET it settled down, now in MIDNIGHT it darkens. It's better to talk to crib to argue than to be silent and that's exactly how it is depicted. This is more personal though than the earlier films, but as a "BEFORE" franchise fan, I loved their connect and the basis and reasoning of their argument seemed good, though at times kiddish but that's how adults behave. Arguing for petty things. serious for the unimportant and jovial for what they have got already. 

The cinematography stands great, the art, the costumes, everything is perfect, But it's not for these aspects, I watch this film, it's only for the conversation that the couple have. Kudos, once again to Richard Link later, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy for having written such lines. For things the talk fluid and simple and connecting. For most in their prime 30's or early 40's this may seem like their daily talk and for those who have not got into a relationship, this is a taste of how things may turn out. But all is fair in Love and that's exactly how this film ends. Richard Linkalter is one of the most underrated directors I believe.

Ok, now a word before I complete my review, I am appalled by our Indian Film Distributors, they put a date of July 26th for release, then postpone this to August 23rd, while the movie was released long back in March in USA and other parts of Europe. So instead of waiting for a theatrical release, I just downloaded and saw it. I badly wanted to catch this in theatres, but am happy coz I caught it and am so delighted.

It's another 5/5 to one of the most beautiful romantic movies ever. Together, this trilogy stands above all others in the Romantic Movies genre and will always be close to my heart. 

My reviews of BEFORE SUNRISE and BEFORE SUNSET here. 

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