Saturday, July 20, 2013


An appealing theme but appalling execution. For those craving for good telugu cinema, this is not good cinema just clean cinema. 

There are no item songs no fights which is good. But does it have content enough to be made? I really doubted that. For almost all of the time, I was mostly commenting at each and every dialogue.

The dialogues are cliched infact its tough to hear such dialogues which are so fabricated. I just could not understand why each dialogue was so elaborate. The only few good dialogues came from the father character played by Rao Ramesh.

Sorry, I did not discuss the theme yet. A girl marries a boy. The boy marries her only coz there horoscopes match and does not show any concern. The girl finds another man and falls in love with him. The girl stays with her love and leaves the husband. This theme is a bold one for telugu coz in our hypocritical society we are always told to be contented as it gives peace than seeking true happiness. This film dares in thought to seek happiness. But the sad part is the goodness is only in thought its neither in writing nor in depiction. 

The cinematography too is just Ok and shows us characters faces and not their emotions. The performances are way below par Sri Divya just was there and uttered her lines. Kranti seemed to be more feminine as he indulged in taking care of nails by rubbing them often and even his walk and sitting posture seemed  awkard to me. George as the insensitive lacked the arrogance and just tried to act and failed many a time. Rao Ramesh showed experience as father and was saving grace in otherwise lackluster cast.
I feel upset for both the director and editor for making the scenes too lengthy. Also, sad that they did not cut them too and for killing my time.

I am sorry but we as telugu audience do not understand the true purpose of cinema. It's an art form thats looked only as business by us and that's why even clean cinema is rare. When one like this comes along it gets acclaim but not audience coz critics like clean cinema which is a rarity in telugu but audience likes entertainment and not art or purpose.

I am going with 1/5 for this. A good thought turns bad when not done well. This is an example for that. 

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