Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Love In India is one of the boldest and outrageous films that explicitly deals with love making and the hypocrisy our country called India has with respect to lovemaking. I am not sure yet, if the language is Bengali or can I have English, but since most parts were in Bengali, so put that. 

It is a documentary film that has people themselves as characters and they share their opinions and experiences . Q is one of the boldest directors to have took up a subject that most Indians are not comforted to and then goes back ages to surface where did it all began and how is love being celebrated now. Religious abuses to Gods to celebration of women and the creation of 64 arts, this has so much more than mere love making. 

With this film, I rank Q as a quintessential director who is very much needed to show things as they are and not as they were meant to be or not how they ought to be. A theatre owner spills out hypocrisy of indian audience, a girlfriend explains why others don't like love being made public,  a wife and husband confess her perspective on lovemaking, a divorced woman speaks out, an artist recalls his fantasy and a philosopher comes up with how women becomes man for some few days. Now, what more do I have to learn about the root of existence. It's like a much needed lesson to the youth of the nation and more so to the adamant elders who just do not see things as they and are completely hypocritical. 

This film is symbolic in may ways and it questions a lot many things that even I myself was not aware of. Qaushiq Mukhergee has rightly named himself as Q coz that means a question and he questions the way of life in india, he questions the mindset. Having said that, it does not preach or say there is a better way to do or live than what we are today, it only feels appalled at the system and the culture we have subscribed and how it has derided and where has it led us to. 

It's commendable in many ways, it demystifies the mystic and the myth and surfaces a whole new world, a whole new India rather most of us are unaware of. It's so very tempting for me to put them all across as most reviewer do and just help you encapsulate the essence. But I would not do that coz I am just putting what I liked about this and not putting across what this really is about. I encourage everyone who has read this blogpost to have a go at this wonderful documentary that speaks so much more in so less time. 

It's tough to rate such films coz I fall for them and I don't know how shall I deconstruct and analyse and put the rating across. From, a 5/5 I subtract 1 and make it 4/5 just for the production values. Yet, it's shot by handy cam and that's as it is a wonderful job done by Q and my salute for the brave man. 

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