Saturday, June 29, 2013


A wonderful starter had a sour dessert that made the whole dinner bad. 

It had a wonderful premise and in fact a terrific robbery scene that I must acknowledge as a great one with the use of those really funny and original props. Come on, we have a mask of Utpal Dutt, it can't be funnier than that. But after the first half, the director seemed to have lost it all. The way first half ends and the whole movie ends are completely radical and irrational to say the least. The writes seems to have lost all ideas in the deliberation to make it a really engaging film. 

All the good ideas were plotted so early that the ones that come in the later part of the film seemed very dull and indeed boring. You cannot have ridiculous things happen and repeat them time and over again just to make it look funny. When you overdo something, it becomes unlikable more often than not and that's what happens even to few delicious dinner table dialogues and those original costumes of Vidya Balan.

About the casting, I was happy with Rajesh Sharma (Pandit) and Namit Das (Idris) and even Emraan Hashmi (Sanjay) managed to pull off a good deal but it was Vidya Balan (Neetu) who was completely miscast. She defied my logic of going to a movie for her by selecting a very low-key role and her Punjabi accent seemed so fake. Utterly disappointed by Vidya Balan and I will be cautious next time in watching her movie. 

The cinematography was good and even the background music. But editing undid all the good work by others, this movie seemed too long and too repetitive, are those too many dinner scenes and too many references to the fashion magazines necessary? I really doubt.  Also, the art direction was commendable as the whole apartment was setup very realistically and even the locales were real. 

Yet, good things turn bad when they are overdone. This film is an example of a good premise written so very lazily and deliberated into a film that it makes us run away from it after a while. Except for 45 minutes, all remaining time is lost and can never be bought back. Only because I have my own discipline of reviewing each film I watch, I am posting it. I may save 3 hours of someone's valuable time too by sharing a bad review. A 1/5 for this, nothing more. 

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