Wednesday, September 28, 2016


A film that is abstruse and absurd yet not so abstract.

There is no believability or factual presentation when surrealism is the theme. "The Game" goes by surrealism that boggled my mind at the end. The built up was great and the action was sleek yet the ending was not fulfilling. I was not fully satisfied as a viewer and a lot of expectations from Fincher got battered.

Technically, it is good in all aspects. But what good are all the embellishments when the dish is too dried up. The script was just too dry to make me engage or perhaps, the screenplay was not provocative enough. There is a missing element in the film is what I felt.

My heart went to Sean Penn whom I thought was totally wasted. Michael Douglas was gracious in suits and cars but his body language was not good enough. I felt like Michael was told to be too casual in the film and he was just there without any passion.

A 2/5 for an average showing and take on surrealism.

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