Tuesday, September 27, 2016

PINK (2016) - HINDI

An impactful film that lingered long after I came home from the theater.

I have seen this movie twice in 2 days and I cannot get over it yet. It's a tough film to let go. Each moment is progressive and takes the story forward. It's a case that is fought well and proves a point. The film takes up not one but multiple issues and handles them extremely well.

The issues which are highlighted in the film as I saw are

1) Forcing women into non-consensual acts
2) Objectification of women by society
3) Judging women by their looks and habits by society
4) Treatment of North East Indians
5) Pollution in India
6) Corruption in Police
7) High handedness of politicians
8) Headstrong attitude of rich and powerful
9) Modesty of sincere lawyers

I can write cliched lines as "Performance are supreme and writing is terrific". Let me cut the technicalities out and say that it's a film we needed in our times. It's poignant and indeed the most relevant films of the year.

In performances, I loved Amitabh Bachchan, Piyush Mishra and a special mention to Taapsee who stood out. The song "Kaari Kaari" will be on my playlist for a long time to come.

Thanks to the makers and all those involved in bringing this film out. I loved it despite its obvious result and its preachiness. Yes, mind you the film is preachy yet sticks to the point.

A 4/5 for one of the best stories and films of the year.

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