Saturday, October 15, 2011


A very very terrific brazilian film that is completely raw in characters, language and depiction.

This is a crime movie about the hoodlums in Brazil and the drug mafia and the background of each case. How gangs form, how they get lost, are killed, what fate do they give to future and all that you cannot even imagine at times. This is the most raw film I ever saw and I can smell everything from the streets stinking to the perfume of the girl to the drugs taken. It's so very well taken that I even forgot all this was done by a camera. So fluid is the movie and hats off to the cinematographer, the art director and the director.

Written extremely tightly and completely driven by various characters and is narrated by Rocket, our protagonist who is an observer, yes he is a cameraman in the movie and captures all he could about the mafia. Each character takes the story forward and each scene just keeps you as engrossed as the earlier one. There is no one frame that could have been cut in this extremely well edited movie. 

It's a rarity to see all things knit well up in this movie and I appreciate and would yearn for more such movies. The milieu, the slang, the topography all are so well compiled and choreographed.  And to bring all this together, I would hail the director Fernando Meirelles who has brought raw energy into a film and makes it extremely powerful and in fact the most powerful movie for generations to come.

This is a movie that one must quickly watch it. I cannot exactly tell what I liked coz I liked everything and this again is a must experience movie.

Thanks Fernando extremely grateful for giving such a great movie.

It's 5/5 and is a must see movie.

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