Sunday, October 9, 2011


The quest is for identity, a job, a better life and that's all in a bicycle.

One of the most realistic films made in times just after world war where everyone in Italy was after a job and beg borrow or steal get a job coz that's the way for better living. Our hero is Antonio Ricci, married has a wife and a kid and gets a job that needs a bicycle. He affords a bicycle and it's stolen now his run to get it back makes the whole movie. He devises ways, catches in fact the thief too, but did he succeed? See it to know it. We all know, that a heart once lost cannot be found again and a life once lost can never be gained again. But if we lose a bicycle, there is a hope of getting it again and it's proved here that hope drives a human being more than anything else.

The movie camera moves to and fro into the frames to bring in emotions out of the extremely heart broken but still hopeful Ricci and camera itself acts as a character by bringing out the milieu of the times and the locales. What beautiful thing to know that times then were so very hopeless and still hope is what  drove everything in each one.

It's easily one of best directed and acted films that has no histrionics but simple plain real life portrayals. The music is simple and there is not much to edit in the movie which means it's perfect as it is. Loved, the way it was made, it was then un compromisingly made and hats off to that.

Easily one of the best movies ever. It's 5/5.

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