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"Life is nothing but Super Deluxe" - This line stuck me after I watched the film and I believe this line summarises the film too.

Existentialism - "humans define their own meaning in life, and try to make rational decisions despite existing in an irrational universe" 
Nihilism - "not only is there no intrinsic meaning in the universe, but that it’s pointless to try to construct our own as a substitute"
Absurdism - "a search for meaning is inherently in conflict with the actual lack of meaning, but that one should both accept this and simultaneously rebel against it by embracing what life has to offer"

I saw an element of these three philosophies in the film.

Super Deluxe emphasises that that there is no pattern to our human lives which are a series of random events. Hence the line "Life is nothing but Super Deluxe".

Just accept the flow of events in life and exist, this is what this film conveyed me. The best part is that it's neither peachy nor pretentious. As the events unfold, the viewer's intellect is challenged and me as a viewer was so engulfed in finding patterns that how many ever I found, I still believe this is still a lot more deeper meaning.

From colors to costumes to camera angles and characters, everything is well thought and put together. The USP of the film is the merging of concepts that are perceived to be so contradictory to each other and yet making the viewers accept "that's how it is and it's okay". The Movie tells 4 stories and tocuhes aspects like Non-Duality, Chaos Theory, Butterfly Effect, Electrons, Aleins, Karma, Schrodinger Cat and what not, this is perhaps the most detailed screenplay that gives spaces in whatever way it could to so many aspects of philosophy.

To mix profanity with philosophy, senusality with spirituality, aliens with humans and ending with the line "The best part of life is life in itself" was beautiful.

Dialogues are beautiful but one line that stuck with me is "Edhi Thevayo Adhi Dharmam" - Whatever is the need that is right and just. Also, it brings out debate of existence of god beautifully I strongly believe that "Tokkite Raayi, Mokkite Devudu" - If you stamp it's a stone, if you worship it's god and that was conveyed with the line "Adhi Kalla Dha Saami" - It's a rock afterall. This happens when one believes that god saved him and becomes priest while another says that a rock saved him.

Every actor is so damn good that I could not believe that there is so much of unexplored talent. The best story amongst the four was the one of Rasukutty and Shilpa. Ashwanth Ashokkumar who played Rasukutty should be given a national award for being the best child actor. I am stunned by the wisdom he displayed playing his character.

The usage of songs is so terrific that I cannot even think how "I am a Disco Dancer" kick started and ended the film. While the film can be called a visual puzzle the background score brims with nostalgic music, the visuals put with music are seductive to say the least.

It's the trailer I found so fascinating that I did not see anything like it before. It pulled me to watch the film. I went and saw this in PVR - Arena Mall, Bangalore and being non-tamil in non-Tamil city, I expected that this film would have subtitles but alas, there were no subtitles. Despite my request, they could not get subtitles and that's my crib with PVR. Hence, I had to wait for this film to be release online (now it's on Netflix) to watch this film again understand it and then write about it.

Since, it released on Netflix I am hooked to this film.

Ideology- “Nothing in the world is good or bad, it just depends upon person who is seeing it”

I believe that every dialogue was written after reading many many books, every color was chosen with a deep meaning attached and every framed was made to convey a meaning. The scenarios are eccentric and so are the characters but to accept them as they are and each other character accepting other's as they are is somthing that I loved.

I accept this film as it is. I shall not rate this film, it's simply beyond greatness. He is the trailer


To give a perspective - (Sorry, I am revealing plot lines now and this is a spoiler)

Would you be okay, if your wife slept with her ex-boyfriend?
Would you be okay, if your mother is an adult film actress?
Would you be okay, if your father has become a eunuch?
Would you be okay, if your friend became an alien?
Would you be okay, if what you believed as god, is just a rock?

It's not worth conveying anything to those comforted by their own prejudices.

So those who are not okay with any of the above questions and are comforted by their own judgement and expect life to be in a certain way, then this film may not be for them. 

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