Saturday, August 31, 2013


An easily entertaining film that does not demand much from us and leaves us with something to think about. 

The premise is set when the statement "Many would have enjoyed parenthood if sperm donors were available" sets the tone of the movie right upfront and it carries it all through. Shoojit Sircar the director must be applauded for taking a subject that has not been dealt before in our Hindi Cinema and producers like John Abraham should be appreciated for helping the idea become a film.

All through the film, the one thing that is so very good is the chemistry between the actors. Especially the camaraderie or chemistry of Dr.Baldev Chaddha (played superbly by Annu Kapoor) and protagonist Vicky Arora (played competently by Ayushmann Khurana) is the one that stands out and stands tall. Annu Kapoor slips into the role so fluidly that Chaddha seems so very obsessed with sperm that we forget that Annu as him, and consider him only as the doctor. 

When such a novel subject is being filmed and if the subject is a kind of taboo considering that it involves the subject of sex, then there will be a lot of temptation to over hype this. But Shoojit holds it back very well and indeed underplays it with the other digressing points like relationship between Vicky and his grandmother or bringing in a newcomer and beautiful Yamini Gautam as Ashima Roy and builds a beautiful love story. The idea though seem to slip off, it keeps coming back in the form of Chaddha and he fixates himself in Sperm stubbornly. Laughter, fun is derived from many moments of the film and that's the main reason watching this film is effortless and entertaining. 

Also appreciable is the dialogue which does not make us watch it seriously but mostly with a smile on our face. The song "Paani Da Rang" which is a wonderful number is used well too. All in all, Shoojit Sircar is a director who made his mark with this film and I hope his endeavours will get bigger and better as he rolls the camera in the future.

Happy to have seen this, late though but better late than never to watch a good film. I am going with 3/5 for this. Two points down coz this does not have the repeat value as such. Maybe coz dialogues are too easy to memorise. 

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