Saturday, May 11, 2013


A stimulating and thought provoking film about relationships.

This film can be considered as a pioneer in showing relationships up close and personal and how embarassing, revelations can be. There is an emphasis of sex between husband and wife and how much sexual satisfaction means in a relationship. This is an offending film for few may be, but most for many aficionados who watch films for sheer pleasure above all else this film cater many needs of a viewer.

I love the simplicity depicted and the audacity of the issue. It's for sure a highly important issue for a relationship even though it's not much discussed about with others. I suppose that if a husbands impotency if discussed, the society looks at the wife as a whore and the other way if a husband speaks of wife's inability, he is considered as a predator by women. Having said that, love making is a prime humane exercise that as humans we got to do and it's a kind of motivator for many many activities that we do. 

There is a scene in which Ann (Andie Mcdowell) confesses that she was never satisfied by her husband   John (Peter Gallagher) while her husband watches the videotape. Such revelations are never thrown light and only a few films have such effrontery and this film is certainly is a pioneer in that direction. 

There are lot of infidelity films by the great Woody Allen where infidelity is made to be cynical and comical, but here it's liberating and that's a take way. When you tell all you have in your heart, you are liberated and that's a good thing to do.

Steven Soderbergh made this as his first feature film and has since rose to prominence where he has made commercial films on a grand scale too. But this one seemed to be his most personal best and I love him for sticking to that, and making this film an approachable work by it's simplistic style with an intriguing title. 

Also, it's an independent film and that makes it more meaningful to the movie buffs and wannabes coz if there is a story to tell, it can be made without the embellishments and yet be made competently well. For this film and it's many positives I derived this morning, I am going with 4/5. 

This is not a film that can be watched with friends, but it has to be made out with spouse and this can be a wonderful experience.

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